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either way, i don't want windows "automatic updates" to be running.4: after having installed the activex-control that you were initially prompted to install, at the "microsoft update" webpage, you will be able to access the "microsoft update" webpage with windows "automatic updates" turned off and proceed to install all of the windows-updates, in whatever manner you choose..first, let me say that, when you click the button, to scan for updates, at the "microsoft update" webpage, yes, it seems to take forever to complete the scan, before if finally prompts you to install any updates..Hello, My computer will not allow me to turn on the windows automatic [email protected] RB - Thanks, but as long as WU was working properly the Express & Custom scans used to get over in less than a minute and it would show me if there were relevant updates or none at all.Now it's just stuck indefinitely in the scan [email protected]: Thanks, but I am using MS Update, not WU. Once the MSU Active X control is installed it replaces the WU one and offers definitions updates for MSE too.the purpose for rebooting the computer is to shut down whatever windows "automatic updates" might be doing, like causing "svchost" to my experience, sometimes it does cause "svchost" to hang and sometimes it doesn't..

only install the activex-control that you are initially prompted to install, then close "internet explorer".3: after closing "internet explorer", on your computer, go to "system", in "control panel", and ..I tried going in under control panel and turn the updates on but it will not allow me to do so. Could not rename the folder but just went to CP and disabled automatic updates then re-enabled them. I spent 1.5 hours with Microsoft and another 2 hours on the web trying to fix this XP update problem.Also, I went through the security center as well but the system will not allow me to change it from off to on. Your amazing and brilliant solution had me fixed in less than 5 minutes.If you are also facing the same problem, then follow these simple steps and your problem should be solved: 1. Since last 2 weeks Windows Update is not working at all. I have tried repeatedly at different times of the day. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) is running.

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It's like the MSU option that programs like Office add to Windows 7.

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