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Windows 98 webpage keeps updating

You’ll have to buy updated versions of your programs, and check to see if they can still open the same file formats used back in Windows 98.Windows 98 only came out 12 years ago, but that’s several generations in computer time.Windows Update can also be used to update drivers for popular hardware devices.Patches and other security updates are routinely released through Windows Update on the second Tuesday of every month - it's called Patch Tuesday.Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. After April 8, most users of the Windows XP operating system will no longer receive security patches, application updates or any kind of support from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, many of those holes will exist in XP too, with the result that malicious hackers will have a Microsoft-drawn treasure map to XP exploitation.

MORE: How to Migrate from Windows XP Before Microsoft Pulls the Plug "The main thing consumers have to worry about is that every month, there are [new] vulnerabilities found in Windows," said Wes Miller, research vice president at Directions on Microsoft, an information-technology consulting firm in Kirkland, Wash.

"New exploits generally are made to take advantage of those vulnerabilities.

Sometimes, I feel like Microsoft's right hand does not know what the left hand does.

It does not help if communication is often minimal or non-existent.

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