Updating wireless router

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Updating wireless router

The humble wireless router can often be overlooked if it’s still running stable and providing a solid connection to your devices.Many people are still using routers running old wireless standards for just this reason.For specific instructions, please see your router's user guide.actually, i would rather give an advice to “upgrade” to dd-wrt 😉 all my problems were solved after i did so over a year ago.Fortunately, upgrading to the latest Linksys router firmware and disabling the Remote Management Access feature will prevent the worm from gaining access. Do this by opening a Web browser on any computer or mobile device connected to the Linksys router and typing "" into the address bar.MORE: 12 More Things You Didn't Know Could Be Hacked If you want to protect against The Moon, or simply wish to ensure that your Linksys router is as safe as it can be, read on to find out how to upgrade your firmware and adjust your router settings. If that doesn't work, then the local IP address of your router was changed from the default during the initial setup.

The update doesn't take long, so you probably won't even notice.

You aren’t getting everything your new laptops, smarpthones, tablets, TV streaming boxes, game consoles, and other network-connected devices have to offer if you’re using an outdated router.

Not long ago most households could get by with a basic single-band router to keep a handful of devices connected to the home network.

If you don't have a wireless gateway from XFINITY, you'll need to periodically check for updates.

Generally, you can check for these updates through your router's administration site.

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Linksys says it will soon release firmware updates for all affected products, including models no longer sold.