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By this paper we aim to explain the methods used in developing a photographic food atlas for Sri Lankan adults and to discuss its usage, advantages and limitations.Foods that are commonly consumed in Sri Lanka were recognized by a local nutritional survey, market survey and interviewing nutrition experts."Everyone in Hong Kong is protected by Hong Kong laws regardless of his or her identity and background," the bureau spokesman said. His defenders see him as a whistleblower who exposed the extent of government snooping on citizens.

Seguin said the families and Hong Kong-based lawyer Robert Tibbo, who introduced his clients to Snowden, now face increasingly adverse circumstances in Hong Kong.Obtaining reliable food portion size estimations in dietary surveys found to be a difficult task.A food atlas is a set of photograph series depicting different amounts of a particular food, usually bound together in a single volume that can be used to describe portion sizes.In obtaining food items, certain dishes were prepared according to a standard recipe book while other items were purchased from recognized restaurants and the local market.White color crockery or/with blue color board was used to present the food items and they were photographed by a professional photographer employing a camera setup recommended for food photography.

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Today, they remain a popular form of cultural expression. These ancient rites are rarely performed in contemporary Sri Lanka, but the preserved songs are still performed by folk musicians.