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League dating

I found myself having the same issues as many people – I didn’t know where they actually lived, I didn’t know if they had a job, I didn’t know how tall they were, I didn’t know if they were career-oriented, I didn’t know if they wanted an ambitious woman.

It was all “hot or not” – you had to go through hours of vetting.

Over the last two years, the dating app has become the world’s most selective—to get in you can’t be broke; you’ll need high-grade headshots; and, respectable degrees with an equally respectable career are musts. The platform has gotten its reputation for exclusivity by making people wait.

Each applicant’s Linked In profile and Facebook activity are thoroughly vetted, so no catfishes or underachievers.

Like in most major cities, the use of apps like Tinder among singles in Philadelphia is poised particularly toward the hook-up culture and fosters far more male users than women.

The prospects, at least for women, don’t sound great either: A report from the New York Times in 2014 said women are likely to “swipe right” only 14 percent of the time – as opposed to 46 percent of men.

Perhaps unironically, it was right around the time Tinder released those stats and other discouraging data that Amanda Bradford, CEO and founder of The League, put the wheels in motion for her own app.

Of those, 2,001 will join the ranks as the app’s “founding class” when it goes live, and everyone else will be left waiting in line for their turns.

If you are someone who gets a lot of attention for your appearance, you need to be with someone who is okay with you getting a lot of attention.

If you date someone who is jealous or insecure, your attractiveness – and people hitting on you constantly – is going to be an ongoing issue in your relationship.

Dating apps are such a competitive industry, but the more I looked into it, the more I realized there’s not that many people trying to solve the problem, there’s just a lot of people trying to make money around it.

I had just gotten out of a five-year relationship and started trying the dating apps.

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