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John Graham-Cumming, Cloudflare CTO, noted that Cloudflare clients, such as Uber and Ok Cupid, weren’t directly informed of the leaks due to the security risks involved in the situation.

“There was no backdoor communication outside of Cloudflare — only with Google and other search engines,” he said.

I had a message from one man on Linked In last week which actually stated “anything you say I will do”. In my opinion, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong picture for Linked In.

But to stand out as “fit” these days you have to have mean shaped eyebrows and MASSIVE hair. I am not going to snap one purposefully for the event, because I would end up looking like a gormless dork. A colleague took my current picture last year at a work event and it has remained on my Linked In ever since.

I’m sure the majority of the female population on Linked In can relate to what I am about to write! By the standards of our botoxed, fake-boobied western-world, I am probably average at best. I definitely need a new one and have vowed to get more photos this summer!

It should be unique to you and the industry/environment within which you work.

Zo kan bijvoorbeeld versleutelde data alsnog relatief gemakkelijk gedecodeerd worden.

Bittorrent is een peer-to-peer protocol die het delen van bestanden mogelijk maakt.

Graham-Cumming also said that "Unfortunately, it was the ancient piece of software that contained a latent security problem and that problem only showed up as we were in the process of migrating away from it." He added that his team has already begun testing their software for other possible issues.

OKCupid CEO Elie Seidman said: "Cloud Flare alerted us last night of their bug and we've been looking into its impact on Ok Cupid members.

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Once exploited, they install a backdoor (web shell) allowing them to take control of the site.

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